Welcome to Your AIE Team Accounts

This is your one stop login for the AIE Academy and related services. Through the AIE Academy, Hubbard Decision Research offers training in quantitative methods any decision maker or analyst can use. The training includes computer-based-training lessons students can take at their own pace as well personal support from your HDR instructor. This training will show how anything can be measured, how risk can be assessed quantitatively, how decisions can be improved and you can begin to master even the most difficult measurement problems with powerful, proven methods.

New Team Calibrator Service: This is also the login for HDR's "Team Calibrator" service. Team calibrator allows managers to assign their team to AIE Academy courses and track their progress. It also includes new methods for collaboration in estimation tasks and algorithms for combining calibrated estimates in a way that is better than even the best individual expert!

New Training System Announcement! We've recently moved to a new training platform for AIE Academy students. If you've started your training but haven't finished, and would like to switch to the new platform, then contact your personal training concierge here to make sure you are set up with the new account.